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  How To Play Pick 2
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The Pick 2 playslip has three (3) play areas, titled Panel A, Panel B and Panel C. Each Panel has two columns titled First and Second. Each column contains numbers 1 through 36. To play, select and shade two numbers - one only in the first column, and one only in the second column. If you would like the terminal to select 2 random numbers, mark the "QUICK PICK" box. Use a dark blue or black pen or dark a pencil to shade your numbers. It is important Not to use Red Ink, or your numbers will not register.

Pick 2 Play Slip

You may choose the day of the week you wish to wager, or play your selected numbers for multiple days by marking any of the boxes under the column titled "DAYS". Your wager may apply to the Morning, Midday or Evening draw or even ALL draws depending on which box you shade at the bottom of the column titled "DAYS". If you do not shade a box under the column titled "DRAW", the terminal will automatically play your numbers for the next available draw.

You also have the option to submit an additional wager with your chosen numbers entered in reverse order. To do so, mark the "Reverse" box at the bottom of each panel you wish to reverse.

Each wager you submit costs $5. You will receive a ticket from the On-Line terminal that lists your chosen draw(s) and numbers. It is your responsibility to check your ticket immediately to make sure it represents the correct game, draw date(s) and numbers.

Dream Directory
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