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According to a NY Times article, over 70% of winning Lottery Tickets are chosen by random number generators.

Our free online random number generator produces completely random sequences of numbers for your favourite NLCB game, giving you added control over the numbers that you play.

Random Pick 2 Numbers
Random Numbers:
Dream Directory
What Did You Dream? Unlock the meanings of your dreams, see what they play for.
Paddleball Dreams
Parrot Dreams
Parasol Dreams
Rubik's Cube Dreams
Loop de Loop Dreams
Gorilla Dreams
Need Dreams
Blurry Dreams
Humming Dreams
Mealworms Dreams
Faithless Dreams
Polygraph Dreams
Dachshund Dreams
Refugee Dreams
Finish Dreams
Toilet Paper Dreams
Castanets Dreams
Grafting Dreams
Outer Space Dreams
Northern Lights Dreams
Overcoat Dreams
Gelatin Dreams
Sensuality Dreams
Squint Dreams
Antenna Dreams
Oriole Dreams
Mole Dreams
Deaf Dreams
Flounder Dreams
Woman Dreams
Tail Dreams
Academy Dreams
Gas Mask Dreams
Fishnet Stockings Dreams
Hemorrhoids Dreams
Drain Dreams
Waves Dreams
Bible Dreams
Suede Dreams
Mastectomy Dreams
Teenager Dreams
Circuit Breaker Dreams
Favor Dreams
Lame Dreams
Boathouse Dreams
Summer Dreams
Boutonniere Dreams
Halo Dreams
Planting Dreams
Amber Alert Dreams
End Dreams
Tray Dreams
Pope Dreams
Lens Dreams
Disc Jockey Dreams
Clock Tower Dreams
Denial Dreams
Bribery Dreams
Lust Dreams
Trolley Dreams
Homicide Dreams
Hugging Dreams
Betta Fish Dreams
Politician Dreams
Trout Dreams
Sauna Dreams
Alphabet Dreams
Pirate Dreams
Body Odor Dreams
Cash Register Dreams
Herpes Dreams
Movie Theater Dreams
Psychopath Dreams
Tennis Court Dreams
Epilepsy Dreams
Ballerina Dreams
Gate Dreams
Tartan Dreams
Whistle Dreams
Begin Dreams
Musical Chairs Dreams
Horseback Riding Dreams
Pokemon Dreams
Brutality Dreams
Spoiled Dreams
Sackcloth Dreams
Antidote Dreams
Lending Dreams
Offering Dreams
Album Dreams
Hurry Dreams
Caterpillar Dreams
Prybar Dreams
Foyer Dreams
Thirst Dreams
Threshing Dreams
Garden Dreams
Chew Dreams
Mantle Dreams
Turn Signal Light Dreams