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The NLCB Pick 2 on-line game pays out $2,000 for each $5 wagered for matching both numbers drawn in the exact order. There are also subsidiary prizes for matching both numbers in the reverse order, and for matching one number in the exact order as as detailed in the following table.

Matchng the two numbers drawn, but in the opposite order pays out $200 for each $5 wagered. If players select the reverse order option on the ticket for an additional $5 and their two numbers match the winning numbers, they win $2,000 for one wager plus $200 for the second wager. Matching one of the winning numbers in the exact order pays $30 for each $5 wagered.

Numbers Chosen Reverse Cost Numbers Drawn Approximate Odds Winnings
1 & 2
$5 1 & 2 1 in 1296 $2,000
2 & 1
$5 1 & 2 1 in 1296 $200
1 & 2
$10 1 & 2 1 in 1296 $2,200
2 & 1
$10 1 & 2 1 in 1296 $2,200
2 & 2
$10 2 & 2 1 in 1296 $4,000
1 & 2
$5 1 & 3 1 in 36 $30
1 & 3
$5 2 & 3 1 in 36 $30
2 & 3
$10 3 & 4 1 in 36 $30
2 & 3
$5 3 & 4 NOT A WINNER


The NLCB Pick 2 ticket received from an on-line agent is the only valid proof of your number selection, and the only valid receipt to claim a prize. The NLCB is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

All winning tickets must be validated at an On-Line Agent and claimed no later than 180 days after the draw date. On-Line Agents will only pay prizes of $5,600 or less. Prizes greater than $5,600 must be claimed at theĀ National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB).

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