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  Lotto Plus Winnings
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The NLCB Lotto Plus on-line game pays out a Jackpot of at least $2,000,000 for matching all 5 numbers and the Powerball, while each ticket costs $5. There are also additional prizes awarded for matching 3, 4 or 5 of the winning numbers with or without the PowerBall number as detailed in the following table. Should there be more than one player choosing the winning numbers for any prize, the prize will be shared equally between them.

White Ball Matches PowerBall Match Approximate Odds Prize Level
All 5 of 5
1 in 3,246,320 Jackpot (Minimum $2,000,000)
All 5 of 5
1 in 360,702 Match Prize (Approximately $14,000)
Any 4 of 5
1 in 21,642 Match Prize (Approximately $1,200)
Any 4 of 5
1 in 2,4045 Match Prize (Approximately $200)
Any 3 of 5
1 in 746 Match Prize (Approzimately $20)
Any 3 of 5
1 in 83 Free Lotto Plus Quick Pick


Should there be no winners of the Jackpot for any draw, prizes roll over to the following draw, increasing the jackpot for each subsequent draw until there is a winner.

The NLCB Lotto Plus ticket received from an on-line agent is the only valid proof of your number selection, and the only valid receipt to claim a prize. The NLCB is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

All winning tickets must be validated at an On-Line Agent and claimed no later than 180 days after the draw date. On-Line Agents will only pay prizes of $12,000 or less. Prizes greater than $12,000 must be claimed at theĀ National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB).

  Lotto Plus Winner Payouts
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Mystery Dreams
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Beret Dreams
Sauna Dreams
Cork Dreams
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Hot Chocolate Dreams
Checkerboard Dreams
Mahogany Dreams
Sap Dreams
Mob Dreams
Bee Dreams
Decapitation Dreams
Fudge Dreams
Custard Apple Dreams
Clock Dreams
Colleague Dreams
Doves Dreams
Scared Dreams
Bamboo Dreams
Blowfish Dreams
Lip Synching Dreams
Alum Dreams
Fatigue Dreams
Locusts Dreams
Health Club Dreams
Mentor Dreams
Sackcloth Dreams
Impale Dreams
Border Dreams
Practice Dreams
Poo Dreams
Lifeboat Dreams
Diagonal Dreams
Dreamcatcher Dreams
Mildew Dreams
Affection Dreams
Cockroach Dreams
Alabaster Dreams
Saxophone Dreams
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Freezer Dreams
Freeway Dreams
Asbestos Dreams
Cherub Dreams
Mercury Dreams
Fold Dreams
Succulents Dreams
Smiley Dreams
Coffee Bean Dreams
Interrupt Dreams
Pokemon Dreams
Hero Dreams
Lead Dreams
Mistletoe Dreams
Nipples Dreams
Pentagon Dreams
Erection Dreams
Schedule Dreams
Donuts Dreams
Steering Wheel Dreams
Explore Dreams
Lumber Dreams
Aloe Dreams
Emerald Dreams
Dungeon Dreams
Letter Dreams
Blinking Dreams
Oak Tree Dreams
Apple Tree Dreams
Breasts Dreams
Revolution Dreams
Costume Dreams
Polka Dots Dreams
Beanie Baby Dreams
Service Dreams
Harmony Dreams
Cradle Dreams
Pinata Dreams
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