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Use this handy Hiding Marks Spotlight to show up numbers and marks for each NLCB Game that haven't played in a while. These Hiding Marks have a higher probability of playing in upcoming draws, so you can choose some of them to 'mind' - keep playing them until they call again, or include them in your own picks.

Top Play Whe Shelf Marks
Ball No   Mark Last Date Last Time Draws Missed
  Cattle Sep 19th 2020 Afternoon 106
  Centipede Sep 24th 2020 Evening 89
  Corbeau Sep 25th 2020 Morning 88
  Shrimp Sep 25th 2020 Afternoon 86
  Big Snake Sep 26th 2020 Evening 81
  Fowl Sep 30th 2020 Afternoon 70
  Jamette Oct 2nd 2020 Midday 63
  Crapaud Oct 5th 2020 Midday 55
  Mouth Oct 6th 2020 Midday 51
  Dog Oct 7th 2020 Morning 48
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What Did You Dream? Unlock the meanings of your dreams, see what they play for.
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