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  4 Ways To Choose Your Winning Numbers
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4 Ways To Choose Your Winning Numbers

Although Lotto Plus, Play Whe, Cash Pot, Pick 2 and Pick 4 are games of chance, that doesn't mean you can't have a method for choosing your numbers. Of course, there's no perfect method for choosing winning numbers, but there are several methods you can use to help you come up with a set of numbers that have do have a better chance of winning than if you had no system at all. Thse methods involve scientific or mathematical approaches, chooseing numbers besed on your gut feelings, dreams or experiences, or randomly generating numbers. You can experiment with different ways or combine them to creat your own unique method. You never know. You might get lucky.

1 - Choosing Frequently Picked Numbers

Look Up The Frequency Chart For Previous Draws.

NLCB Results offers detailed charts showing how often each number has been drawn for each of the NLCB games on our Play Whe Stats, Lotto Plus Stats, Cash Pot Stats, Pick 2 Stats and Pick 4 Stats pages.

  • There's no clear way to know if you should be looking up frequent winning numbers or numbers that come up less frequently. Look up both types of numbers and play sequences with a combo of both if you wish.
  • However, winning numbers that come up more frequently are likely to remain frequent winners. If you play a number that doesn't come up as frequently, then you simply may need to wait a while to see if it comes up when its "due" to win.
  • Make sure you're looking up the right frequency chart for the lottery game you plan to play. For instance, Play Whel stats will differ from Pick 2 Stats.

Choose Numbers Based On The Frequency Chart.

Review the numbers that are the most frequently chosen and the least frequently chosen. Review the odds for those as well as the numbers in between. After you've looked over the odds, you have two options:

  • Select numbers that are drawn frequently. If you notice that a few numbers stand out for being drawn significantly more often than the others, consider including them in your pick. Be aware, though, that several other people will be trying this tactic; if you win with frequently picked numbers, you might be at a greater risk of having to share the prize with other winners.
  • Select numbers that are drawn less frequently. Choosing numbers that aren't picked very often might seem counterintuitive, but consider this: If everyone else is busy picking frequently drawn numbers and you win with your "long-shot" picks, you might not have to share the prize with as many other winners.

Acknowledge that each number still has an equal chance of being drawn. Looking at frequency charts might show you which numbers tend to be drawn, but keep in mind that when the actual lottery drawing comes around, each number still has an absolutely equal chance of being picked. It's all in the luck of the draw.

2 - Choosing Numbers Based On Dreams, Intuition or Superstition

Use A Dreams, Marks or Caprice Chart.

NLCB Results has a Dreams, Marks and Caprice chart on our Play Whe Marks page. Each number is associated with a particular Mark, and associated Dreams, Caprices and Rakes derived from an ancient numbers game originally brought to Trinidad and Tobago by chinese imigrants.

Choose your numbers based on common themes between your dreams and the associated dreams, caprices and rakes as detailed in the chart.

3 - Choosing Lucky Numbers

Choose Numbers That Are Significant To You.

If you believe in lucky numbers, they're probably digits that center around important dates or events in your life. Mix the numbers of significant numbers together. For instance, you might use your grandfather's birthday month and year, 10/1929 and your mother's birth month and day, 3/21. Together you might come up with something like 10-19-3-21-29. Other examples of significant numbersmight include::

  • Birthdays: Yours, your children's, your spouse's, and so on.
  • Anniversaries: This could be a wedding anniversary date, or the date of another significant event.
  • Ages: Using your age or the ages of your loved ones is also a common practice.
  • Addresses: The address of your childhood or current home is another tactic you can try.
  • Phone numbers: Try breaking down your phone number into a sequence of single- or double-digit lotto numbers.

Choose Numbers You Consider Lucky.

Some folks have a lucky number they use for everything. It isn't connected a birthday or anything like that, they just like the number. NLCB Play Whe is based on an ancient chinese numbers game, and the chinese believe your lucky numbers can be determined based on your date of birth. NLCB Results gives your Chinese Lucky Numbers based on your date of birth on our Play Whe Charts page.

  • If you're playing a lottery game such as Lotto Plus, consider making your lucky number the Powerball pick.
  • Also if your lucky numbers are 7 and 11, keep in mind that those are really common lottery picks, so if you win with these numbers, you might end up sharing the prize with many other people.

Choose Your Lucky Numbers And Stick With Them.

Some people choose a number sequence that they consider lucky and play it over and over again until it comes up a winner - if it ever does. For instance, if your favorite number sequence is your favorite number, combined with your birthday and your spouse's lucky number and birthday (3-6-11-9-10-31), then you would play this number religiously every time you play the Lotto. Then, you wait for your number to come up a winner. This could be considered making your own luck.

4 - Choosing Random Numbers

Use A Random Number Generator.

NLCB Results has random number generators specifically designed for each of the NLCB games on our Random Numbers Generator page. The advantage of using random draws is that winning lottery numbers are chosen randomly as well. So, it might be a lucky draw.

Use Quick Pick Terminal Generated Numbers.

Allow the NLCB game terminal to choose randomly for you. You can request random picks when you purchase your Play Whe, Lotto Plus, Cash Pot, Pick2 or Pick 4 tickets.  Marking the "QP" (Quick Pick) box on your playslip instructs the computer terminal to choose random numbers for your draw, or you may ask the attendant that you want the system to choose numbers for you.

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