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NLCB Lotto Plus Results in Trinidad and Tobago are updated after each Lotto Plus draw, which occurs every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM. Use the Lotto Plus Results search form below to check current and previous Lotto Plus results. Winning tickets must be redeemed within 180 days of the Lotto Plus draw date. Your Lotto Plus ticket, not the playslip, is your only valid receipt.

Draw Date  
Draw Month  
Draw No.  
Awaiting Today's Results
  Draw No: 2033
Saturday Apr 17th 2021
Jackpot: $0.00 Winners: 0
Lotto Plus Winner Payouts Draw No. 2033
Winning Category No. of Winners Winner Payout
5 of 5 Numbers with PowerBall 0 $0.00
5 of 5 Numbers without PowerBall 0 $50,000.00
4 of 5 Numbers with PowerBall 10 $1,500.00
4 of 5 Numbers without PowerBall 80 $250.00
3 of 5 Numbers with PowerBall 281 $25.00
3 of 5 Numbers without PowerBall 2699 $5.00
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