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This powerful Shelf Marks spotlight reveals numbers that haven't played for the longest while in Play Whe, Pick 2, Pick 4, Cash Pot and Lotto Plus. These Shelf Marks are more likeley to play in upcoming draws.

Top Pick 4 Shelf Marks
Ball No     Last Date Last Time Draws Missed
    Aug 06 2020 Midday 10
    Aug 08 2020 Morning 3
    Aug 08 2020 Midday 2
    Aug 08 2020 Afternoon 1
    Aug 08 2020 Afternoon 1
    Aug 08 2020 Afternoon 1
    Aug 08 2020 Evening 0
    Aug 08 2020 Evening 0
    Aug 08 2020 Evening 0
    Aug 08 2020 Evening 0
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7 Habits of Lucky People

We have all known someone who seems to have been born lucky. Everything they tackle seems to only either lead to success or opens doors to more opportunities. Thankfully, this luck can actually be harnessed to your own benefit.

The Balanced Game Method

You are more likely to win Lotto Plus, Cash Pot or any other lottery if the Sum of your chosen numbers falls within the 70% most probable range of sums for that game. Playing a balanced game refers to ensuring your combination of numbers has a sum that falls within this most probable range to improve your chances of winning.