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This powerful Shelf Marks spotlight reveals numbers that haven't played for the longest while in Play Whe, Pick 2, Pick 4, Cash Pot and Lotto Plus. These Shelf Marks are more likeley to play in upcoming draws.

Top Cash Pot Shelf Marks
Ball No     Last Date Last Time Draws Missed
    Nov 16th 2020 Evening 8
    Nov 17th 2020 Evening 7
    Nov 18th 2020 Evening 6
    Nov 19th 2020 Evening 5
    Nov 20th 2020 Evening 4
    Nov 20th 2020 Evening 4
    Nov 21st 2020 Evening 3
    Nov 21st 2020 Evening 3
    Nov 23rd 2020 Evening 2
    Nov 23rd 2020 Evening 2
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