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There will be No NLCB Draws until further notice due to the State of Emergency. We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to an early resumption of NLCB games and services. Please keep safe, and God Bless.
Play Whe Shelf Marks
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This powerful Shelf Marks spotlight reveals numbers that haven't played for the longest while in Play Whe, Pick 2, Pick 4, Cash Pot and Lotto Plus. These Shelf Marks are more likeley to play in upcoming draws.

Top Play Whe Shelf Marks
Ball No   Mark Last Date Last Time Draws Missed
  Sick Woman Apr 15th 2021 Midday 102
  Parson Man Apr 19th 2021 Afternoon 89
  Water Boat Apr 22nd 2021 Evening 76
  Monkey Apr 26th 2021 Morning 67
  Belly Apr 30th 2021 Midday 50
  Shrimp Apr 30th 2021 Evening 48
  Blind Man May 1st 2021 Afternoon 45
  Morrocoy May 3rd 2021 Midday 42
  House Cat May 4th 2021 Midday 38
  Red Fish May 4th 2021 Afternoon 37
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