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The NLCBResults Dream Directory helps you make sense of your dreams and achieve a better understanding of them. With over 6000 dream words, it is a powerful key to unlock and interpret dreams, giving a clearer view of your personal relationships, an uncensored view of your real feelings and a better perspective on your unique life issues. 

Remember, your dreams are unique - no other individual has your personal background, emotions, or experiences - so your dreams can only be connected to your own reality. Draw from your own personal life experiences to interpret your dreams.

To dream that you are entering through a door signifies new opportunities that are presented before you.
You are entering into a new stage in your life and moving from one level of consciousness to another.
In particular, a door that opens to the outside signifies your need to be more accessible to others, whereas a door that opens into the inside, denotes your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery.
To see an opened door in your dream symbolizes your receptiveness and willingness to accept new ideas/concepts.
In particular, to see a light behind the door suggests that you are moving toward greater enlightenment/spirituality.
To dream that the door is closed or locked signifies opportunities that are denied and not available to you or that you have missed out on. Something or someone is blocking your progress.
It also symbolizes the ending of a phase or project.
In particular, if you are outside the locked door, then it suggests that you have anti-social tendencies.
If you are inside the locked door, then it represents harsh lessons that need to be learned.
To dream that you are locking the door suggests that you are closing yourself off from others. You are hesitant in letting others in and revealing your feelings. It is indicative of some fear and low self-worth.

If someone slams the door in your face, then it indicates that you are feeling shut out or some activity or that you are being ignored.
In particular, seeing the front door in your dream indicates that you are shielding yourself from outside influences.
To see revolving doors in your dream suggests that you are literally moving in circles and going nowhere. You may feel that your opportunities and choices lead to a dead end.
To see a castle door in your dream indicates that you have missed a huge and/or profitable opportunity, especially if you are standing outside the castle door.
If you are standing inside the castle door, then it means that you have let your success and ego distance you from others.
Dreaming of a red door refers to either anger or passion that you are keeping locked up within yourself.
If you open the red door, then it means that you are confronting some uncomfortable emotions.
To see a black door in your dream symbolizes your personal hidden secrets.
If you open the black door, then it suggests that you are exposing yourself to danger. You are proceeding toward a situation despite the risk.
Seeing a gray door in your dream indicates that you are experiencing ambiguity in your future.

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