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There will be No NLCB Draws until further notice due to the State of Emergency. We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to an early resumption of NLCB games and services. Please keep safe, and God Bless.
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What We Under

Find out What We Under Today and Tomorrow in NLCB Play Whe, Lotto Plus, Cash Pot, Pick 2 and Pick 4 Draws.


Last Played

Find out when last a number or mark has played in NLCB Play Whe, Lotto Plus, Cash Pot, Pick 2 and Pick4 draws


Winner Payouts

Winner Payouts for NLCB Lotto Plus and Cash Pot


Shelf Marks

Get the numbers that haven't played for the longest while in NLCB Play Whe, Lotto Plus, Cash Pot, Pick 2 and Pick4 draws


Hot Cold Overdue

Identify the Hot, Cold & Overdue Numbers for NLCB Play Whe, Lotto Plus, Cash Pot, Pick 2 and Pick 4 Draws.


Dream Directory

This 6000 plus Directory of Dreams will help unlock and interpret the meanings to your dreams to gain a clearer view on your relationships, your true feelings and life perspectives.


Combined Results

Get a combined bird's eye view of all your NLCB results in one place

Dream Directory
What Did You Dream? Unlock the meanings of your dreams, see what they play for.
Grocery Store Dreams
Pallet Dreams
Artist Dreams
Plaster Dreams
Empress Dreams
Rocket Dreams
Crush Dreams
Transvestite Dreams
Peanuts Dreams
Frying Pan Dreams
Hut Dreams
Birthday Cake Dreams
Lemmings Dreams
Ginseng Dreams
Tears Dreams
Bodyguard Dreams
Widow Dreams
Habit Dreams
Application Dreams
Self-Harm Dreams
Seaweed Dreams
Curry Dreams
Pyramid Dreams
Tape Recorder Dreams
Hairpiece Dreams
Survivor Dreams
Prime Rib Dreams
Panic Dreams
Fall Dreams
File Cart Dreams
Servant Dreams
Can Opener Dreams
Eye Drops Dreams
Typewriter Dreams
Hand Dreams
Magnolia Dreams
Coat Of Arms Dreams
Apple Dreams
Fake Dreams
Draft Dreams
Script Dreams
Equator Dreams
Radioactive Dreams
Scroll Dreams
Groans Dreams
Anime Dreams
Renovate Dreams
Billboard Dreams
Lawyer Dreams
Above Dreams
Break-In Dreams
Mirage Dreams
Miser Dreams
Ladle Dreams
Lawsuit Dreams
Pointing Dreams
Windshield Dreams
Weave Dreams
Hourglass Dreams
Grater Dreams
Below Dreams
Cheetah Dreams
Begin Dreams
Cockerel Dreams
Salesperson Dreams
Clothespin Dreams
Truffle Dreams
History Dreams
Loon Dreams
Evaporation Dreams
Trenches Dreams
Trousers Dreams
Hairnet Dreams
Figure Dreams
Gravel Dreams
Newt Dreams
Frog Dreams
Cesarean Section Dreams
Property Dreams
Day Dreams
Reeds Dreams
Exam Dreams
Briefcase Dreams
Genius Dreams
Pixel Dreams
Partner Dreams
Furniture Dreams
Staff Dreams
Cheer Dreams
Cesspool Dreams
Daffodil Dreams
Excavation Dreams
Hitman Dreams
Planet Dreams
Cross-Dressing Dreams
Hunting Dreams
Soft Dreams
Syringe Dreams
Handkerchief Dreams
Guacamole Dreams